Mini Hoodie (Age 4-6)

Mini Hoodie (Age 4-6)

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The Design

We are proud to say that we think our hoodie designs are spot on.  We have taken all your valuable feedback on board and have been busily tweaking over the last 12 months.  The A Line shape is flattering and stylish.  The pockets are deep, the hood is snuggly and fits all, the sleeves and the garments itself are generous in length.  We also love the zip.  It is quite chunky so easy to zip up and down, made of plastic so will not rust, has a clever little backing so will never catch the skin.   Lastly, the clever hammam detail in the hood, on the cuffs and the sides just looks great.  


Our towelling is gorgeous and so warm and toasty!  The Hammam is beautifully woven Turkish Hammam in a variety of colours.  Most importantly, we found a fantastic manufacturer based in the UK.  Each hoodie is carefully handmade by lovely ladies in North London and the quality of the finish is outstanding.